About Us

Dave Getty & Monique Rouleau

  • One of the original founders of UCWDC.
  • Former UCDWC Vice President for Rules & Scoring. Including co-author and creator of the original UCWDC Rules and Scoring System.
  • UCWDC Certified Masters Judge, and Judge Certification trainer and Examiner.
  • Choreographs and coaches hundreds of competitive couples across the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

  • Co-Director of the South Bay Dance Fling.
  • 13 – Times UCWDC World Championship Choreographer and Coach.
  • Former UCWDC Vice President for Judge Certification.
  • Trains instructors and students in Country’s “Social Dance Syllabus” throughout the world.
  • First Inductee into the “Country Dance Hall of Fame”.
Tracy & Pam Butler

  • Involved in the dance community both on the dance floor and behind the scenes for approximately 35 years.
  • Retired Division 1 competitors, dance team competitors, dance coach and UCWDC Dance Judge
  • Competed in both Ballroom and Country venues pre and post UCWDC.
  • Registration, Workshop Coordination, Event Security Experts.

  • CO-Directors, Las Vegas Dance Finale.
  • Owner Kountry Klassic Garment/Costume Designs.
  • Certified Image Consultant and Garment Design.
  • Winner of 135 Prestigious garment and costume design awards
  • Retired executive of the Credit Union Movement.
Ben DePuew

  • Involved in the dance community both on the dance floor and behind the scenes for over 50 years.
  • Arthur Murray Trained Dancer, Teacher.
  • ACDA Certified Dance Judge.
  • Retired Division 1 Competitor, Instructor, Coach.
  • Former Dance Studio Owner.

  • Former Professional Rodeo Rider.
  • Contest Coordinator ACDA.
  • Competed in both Ballroom and Country Venues.
  • Currently provides Administrative Support to 14Dance Events a year, (Includes both UCWDC and ACDA).
  • Retired Executive.